DirectX 8.1

Imagen DirectX 8.1
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  • Developer:

    Microsoft Corporation

  • OS:

    Windows 98/Me

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  • Updated:

    September 07, 2018

  • "DirectX for Windows 95 and Windows 98"

The main function of DirectX is quite simple, making your Windows computer a platform capable of optimizing the playback of multimedia elements: 3D graphics, sound, color, videos, etc..

DirectX 8.1 is special, being the version par excellence of Windows 95 and 98. With this library, maximize all the performance of your computer's multimedia processes. In this revision 8.1, the graphics are completely updated and the surround sound has been incorporated, but of course, we can not ask for elm pears either, the real weight falls on our graphics card, DirectX squeezes it to the maximum.